Honolulu’s Skyline and the Contribution of NAN and Its Founder: Patrick Shin

Even though they are new to the market, NAN has already made a splash in the high-rise construction market. Is this just chance, or may there be anything of value waiting to be discovered? C’mon, let’s go see for you!

Nan Inc., which has been in business since 1990, is an excellent general contractor in every respect. The Honolulu, Hawaii-based company has only been around for the last three decades, but because to its high standards and long history of success, it has already established itself as an industry leader. During its more than three decades of existence, Nan Inc. has executed over three thousand separate site engineering, restoration, and new construction projects. The company has around 600 employees and generates roughly $190 million in yearly sales.

The success of Nan Inc. is due in large part to the efforts of its creator, Patrick Shin, who was born in South Korea. However, this isn’t the widely recognized name for this individual. After moving to Hawaii he legally changed his name to Patrick Shin so that he would be more accepted in mainstream American culture. Mr. Shin had nothing more than an idea and one employee when he launched his construction company. One road sign was his first order of business. Now in the present, Nan, Inc. has grown to become the largest locally owned and operated general contractor in the State, with the resources and expertise to carry out even the most challenging projects.

This is the beginning, in all its modesty

Getting to the position of prominence he now enjoys in Hawaii’s political life was no easy feat for him after his humble beginnings. When Shin and his family first arrived in the United States, they rented a one-bedroom apartment that they shared with all of Shin’s siblings. A soccer scholarship at Bowling Green State University allowed him to leave his home in New York and pursue his education there. He was able to put his whole attention on company management because to the cash he received.

Shin did not enter the corporate sector via the construction industry, as is often believed. Soon after he graduated from university, he joined his brother in running a fish company that, in only one year, gained over a hundred new clients. But there is a lot of uncertainty in the seafood market. What it’s like to conduct business in New York City was brought home to Shin when New York eateries refused to pay back his company’s debts. His decision to relocate to a climate where shorts and flip-flops were appropriate for all twelve months of the year led him to abandon his career as a fisherman. “I wanted to relocate as far away from New York City as I could,” Patrick Shin, Nan Inc owner, recalled.

No matter how nice the weather in Hawaii was, Shin quickly realized that he required money to live there. He joined the union for carpenters after landing a job as a worker for a construction company. It was because of these setbacks that Shin risked everything to start Ocean House Builders, the predecessor of what is today Nan, Inc.

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